The Windows version of Defile of Eden is provided with an installer. Simply double click on the doe2-VERSION-win32-setup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.

Linux / FreeBSD / OpenBSD

The Linux and FreeBSD version of Defile of Eden is distributed as a precompiled tarball. This archive can be extracted anywhere on your filesystem and run with the following commands:

$ tar -xzf /path/to/doe2-VERSION-OS-ARCH.tar.gz
$ doe2/bin/doe2

Other Devices

If you have purchased Defile of Eden 2 from an app store, it should be installed automatically for your device, please follow the instructions provided.

How to Play

Defile of Eden 2 is a multi-player focused team based game with many characters to choose from, each with their own abilities, flaws and strengths. Each team has a healer class whose main job is to keep the objective alive with the aid of several supporting classes. Once a game has been joined or created users must choose a class from one of the teams listed below. Depending on the game type, each teams main goal is to destroy each others objective whilst keeping their own from peril.

The Story so far...

A war is waging. A war that will effect the outcome of future generations. A war between two factions, the Defenders and the Defilers. The defilers represent the scourge of the Earth, stopping at nothing in order to suck the land dry and crack it down to the core. The world's only hope for survival is the defenders who have pledged their allegiance and will protect it at all costs.


Defenders are all round good guys. They are a mixed bunch of eco warriors who mean business and even though they may look like an unlikely bunch, they are more than a challenge for the Defilers.

As a defender your mission is is to rid the earth from the evil defilers, destroying their polluting machinery and once again creating harmony within eden….

There are currently 3 defender characters to choose from, the Hippy, the Farmer and the Forester…

The Hippy, frustrated at the defilers for interrupting peace time, with a great determination to flip reality back in favor of the defenders. The Hippy, armed with increased speed and low armor, has the amazing ability to obscure players vision making them see the world through rose colored glasses with special psychedelic juice or heal own team members in need.

The Farmer, sick of contaminants in his soil and after having discovered a way to filter them and create damaging swill he will continue his quest to rid the destructive defilers from the planet, a strong offense or defense character has the ability to place down traps and back up team members with heavy swill artillery.

The Forester, furious at the continued cutting down of his woodland, armed with nature and his water jet is determined to cleanse Eden from the filthy defilers, a healing class of this team and can use the jet to rejuvenate the objective, why not try unleashing your squirrel in times of hardship.


The exact motive for such evil actions by the Defilers is quite unknown. It is assumed money but there may be a much deeper conspiracy that is yet to be uncovered. All we know for now is that they will stop at nothing to protect their foul oil pump as it poisons the earth. Defilers hold an inexplicable hatred for the Defenders. They see them as childish do-gooders and they want to teach them a lesson. They have an urge to kill anything under their protection such as a tree or whale.

There are currently 3 defiler characters to choose from, the Tramp, the Nuclear Scientist and the Oil Baron.

The Tramp, angry at others for not providing him with what he needs, hell bent on getting his own back on the world and all those who protect it. a weak character with increased speed and low armor, the tramp has the ability to obscure users vision with his burger and flies.

The Nuclear Scientist, had a taste of power and now wants more, determined to be all powerful will stop at nothing to reach the top. The cost of the planet and those in it is but a small price to pay, a strong offense or defense character, with the ability to inflict the opposition with radioactive damage from his powerful plasma gun or from strategically placed barrels.

The Oil Baron, cashed in on the worlds greed for oil, will stop at nothing to to ever increase his wealth, armed with a rare one of a kind oil jet he is a healing class of this team and can use his jet to rejuvenate the objective, or slow down the opposing team. Why not try placing oil barrels in strategic places to slow down the opposition.


Users can choose to spectate a game, this can be useful for learning the maps before joining the onslaught, or to watch your friends battle it out in combat. Spectate mode allows users to focus on individual players or move into free roam mode by clicking the relevant heads up display headings.


We have allowed users to practice offline in single player against bots should they wish. A server host may also feel the need to balance the teams more efficiently and thus can access the menu also, the bot menu is only available to players who host a game themselves or play single player, this mennu can be accessed in-game.


As this game is developed to run on a variety of platforms, the controls differ on each. The diagrams below show the controls for the majority of supported platforms.

Touch Screen Devices

Users playing with touch screen can use the relevant onscreen buttons and pad to control his or her character, and access menu items.

Joining a Server

Players can join existing games easily by clicking Join Game from the main menu and then by either specifying an IP manually or by selecting Find which will automatically authenticate and start looking for all existing games that you can currently join. Eventually you will be at a screen similar to the one below.

From here you can simply click on the name of the server you would like to join and start playing.