The Story so far...

A war is waging. A war that will effect the outcome of future generations. A war between two factions, the Defenders and the Defilers. The defilers represent the scourge of the Earth, stopping at nothing in order to suck the land dry and crack it down to the core. The world's only hope for survival is the defenders who have pledged their allegiance and will protect it at all costs.

Cross-Platform Multi-player

Defile of Eden 2 has been developed to target almost any platform under the sun. There is also no restriction on playing against players on different platforms. This means that you can play your game however you want and still challenge your friends.

You can host games on any platform, including tablets and mobile devices using our unique distributed IRC based server browser, it is extremely easy to find existing matches and to join the battle.

Bots / AI

Since an internet connection is not always available, or if you simply want to hone your skills offline, the bots of Defile of Eden will certainly give you a challenge. Even though they don't talk much, they are more than capable of ruining your day. Don't believe us? Why not try a bots vs. human match and see how many you and your friends can take on!

Most Amazing Graphics Ever!

Using our new revolutionary techniques and tools, we have been able to deliver you cutting edge graphics and have spared no expense. Feel immersed in a world in which you are unable to distinguish from reality.

Feel drawn in to the game with an innovative new style. Have your senses sharpened with visuals that will rival life itself and be lead on a journey with colors that will blow your mind.

I suppose here is where we would put a joke about many a broken pencil, but it would be pointless.